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    Electrical Safety Inspections

    Schedule a Comprehensive Electrical Safety Inspection from Dailey Company

    For expert Houston and Bryan–College Station electrical safety inspections, contact the licensed, background-checked, and drug-tested electricians at Dailey Company.

    Whether you are a home or business, our experienced electricians will make sure your entire electrical system is safe, energy-efficient, and up to code, including electrical panels, indoor and outdoor lighting, surge protection, outlets, switches, and wiring.

    We follow strict National Electrical Code (NEC) safety standards and have an even more meticulous checklist we follow for every inspection.

    Electrical Safety Warning Signs

    If you suspect a problem with your electrical system, such as flickering lights or constantly tripping breakers, contact a certified electrician right away.

    Here are some signs that you have a dangerous electrical situation that requires professional attention:

    • Dimming or flickering lights
    • Buzzing sounds
    • Discolored or burnt outlets and switches
    • Sulfuric, rotten egg, or fish smells
    • Circuit breaker keeps tripping
    • Electrical system is over 50 years old
    • Smoke or CO detectors aren’t working
    • More than a year since last electrical safety inspection

    If any of the above apply to you, contact a certified electrician right away. Our electricians prioritize safety and customer satisfaction above all else. We’ll make sure all electrical repairs and installations are completed according to all local and national codes and regulations.

    It’s important to have your electrical system inspected by a licensed electrician at least once a year. Call Dailey Company for local, certified electricians you can trust. If you are not completely satisfied with your service, we will refund your money.

    Certified Electricians in Houston and Bryan–College Station

    Always hire a certified electrician for any electrical work on your home or business. If you suspect a dangerous electrical situation, call Dailey Company for a comprehensive safety inspection.

    We will make sure all of your wiring, service panels, and fuse boxes meet modern safety codes and standards. Before we leave your home, everything will be safe and up to code. You won’t have to worry about further damage to electrical equipment or risks of an electrical fire.

    For 24/7 electrical service in Houston and Bryan–College Station, contact the licensed, background-checked, and drug-tested electricians at Dailey Company.