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    Water Treatment

    High Quality Water Treatment and Purification Services in Bryan-College Station.

    Having access to purified water can have numerous benefits in addition to basic hydration. To ensure your family is healthy and safe, it’s important to look into water purification and treatment options. No matter where you get your water from, it’s vital that it is clean and free of harmful chemicals and bacteria. If you’re not convinced water treatment and purification is an option to consider, here are some benefits of using purified water:

    • Improved water quality, taste and smell
    • No dirt, bacteria, chlorine that can be harmful for your hair, skin and immune system
    • Purified water only consists of essential minerals
    • Elevated energy levels
    • Saves money from bottled water
    • Can lead to healthier teeth
    • Makes your food, coffee and tea taste better
    • Can be better for digestion

    If you are considering water treatment and purification options, contact the pros at Dailey Company. Our knowledgeable, licensed and insured plumbers and technicians can walk you through the process of finding the right water purification system for your home, so you and your family can be happy and healthy year-round. Call us today at 979-260-2020 if you have any questions about our water treatment services!

    Soft Water vs. Hard Water

    When it comes to water filtration and purification, it’s important to understand what soft water and hard water is. Hard water is basically water that contains a variety of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. Soft water on the other hand is treated water with only traces of sodium. While hard water is safe to drink it can lead to build up and calcification on faucets, sinks, water heaters and other household appliances. Soft water on the other hand doesn’t leave behind any build up, is safe to drink and even lathers better with soap and detergent, meaning it is better at cleaning. A lot of people choose to have their water treated and softened because of these reasons. Some other reasons why people choose to have their water softened:

    • Softer skin
    • Cleaner hair
    • Requires less shampoo to create a rich lather
    • Less likelihood of hard minerals becoming trapped in clothes and fabric
    • Prevents long term damage to appliances caused by calcification

    If you’re in Bryan-College Station and are considering softening your water, call Dailey Company right away!

    Whole-House Water Filtration Systems

    Many homeowners opt for whole-house filtration or a purification system to ensure limited exposure to bacteria, chemicals and other harmful toxins that can be found in unfiltered water. If you are on a well water supply, a whole house filtration system will take out any debris, disinfect the water and soften it. If you are on city water supply, the system will get rid of chlorine and sediment. Whatever filter you choose, you should know that it will be a fairly complex system as it is meant for all of the water coming into your home. No matter what you use the water for, whether it is washing dishes or making coffee, the filtration system will ensure it is properly purified.

    There are a variety of water filtration systems—filtration systems for well water are more extensive because they must deal with a myriad of contaminants. Filtration systems for city water are more limited in variety and are tasked mainly with removing chlorine.

    Wherever you get your water from, the pros at Dailey Company are here to help you treat it. We are committed to finding the best filtration system for you and your family to lessen the risk of damage and disease!

    Call us at 979-260-2020 for high-quality 24/7 water filtration services from our licensed, bonded and insured technicians!